Helping British-brand products distribute directly to the customer, our main services and expertise include:

★ managing merchandising procurement for Chinese products and services
★ finding trusted Chinese agents or disctributors
★ choosing operations in China to the right location
★ for Chinese enterprises to set up representative offices in the UK
★ assisting to register joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned enterprises, and business license applications for project, office and and recruitment of senior administrative staff
★ assisting in contractual negotiations and tender the bid
★ outsourcing Chinese local products, technologies and manufacturers
★ market consulting and project operation
★ market research and credit investigation
★ provide customers with market information for the feasibility study and potential business partners for customers to do credit checks
★ promoting overseas projects and activities and increasing media publicity and market presence
★ organizing to visit China trade missions, exhibitions and trade seminars
★ bilingual communication services
★ providing legal, technical and commercial documents in English and Chinese translation services and marketing solutions. For a variety of talks, meetings and negotiations to provide translation services.