Welcome To Thames Classique Ltd

    Go to China! Easier said than done! Eager to expand business in Chinese market, British business faces a number of practical problems from the company's establishment, government incentives and institute funds, the selection and employment of project and evaluation of the budget and business plan. Cultural differences, language barrier, puzzled where to start?

    Yes, We Can ! We can make your business in China and in Britain same successful! We find the right partners, help you navigate China's regional cities and ensure you are making the most of the China opportunity. As a professional service provider in China, the UK trade and project Thames Centre - Thames Classique Ltd is a professional consulting company in China dedicated to helping UK SMEs to enter the Chinese market, opening up China's sales channels and assisting the total UK SMEs in China based on and enter the market, we provide from the market investigation, the company set up, market access, legal financial security, marketing, sales and investment cooperation, support and full range of assistance, a British company to help develop the Chinese market Thruster.

    China is becoming the British Asian business enterprises to the bridgehead. In the past few years, many famous Chinese enterprises in China to set up its Asian headquarters in recent years, the British SMEs to invest in China was increasing trend, and China is in Asia, the UK's largest trading partner.